Analytical service

The purity of our Gallium and Gallium Arsenide is tested in the analytical laboratory using Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometry (GDMS) VG 9000, which is an important part of the company. All CMK’s products are supplied with a purity certificate from our GDMS laboratory. In addition to measuring our own samples, the skilled staff is able to analyze a variety of external samples, too.

For the testing the solid sample in the form of pin in the size of 2x2x20 mm and the quality at least 2N (99 %) is required. The GDMS operators have wide experience with many different materials, such as: Al, As, Cu, Co, Ge, In, Ni, Pb, Sb, Si, Sn, Te, Ti, Zn, Zr, GaN, GaP, GaSb, GaTe, InAs, InP, InSb, SiC and graphite.

sample Ga
Sample of metallic Gallium
sample GaAs
Sample of Gallium Arsenide