Polycrystalline GaAs

  • ingots up to 6″ for VGF growing,
  • slices for epitaxial purposes,
  • grainy for LEC growing;

General specification
Material is synthetized under high pressure with precise stoichiometry control from high purity Gallium and Arsenic (6N quality). Ingots are grown by LEC or VGF method in pBN crucibles and each ingot is analysed by GDMS and a certificate is enclosed.

Polycrystalline Gallium Arsenide ingots
Diameter up to 150 mm
Lenght 50 – 200 mm depends on diameter
Surface Treatment as grown or as ground to required diameter
Resistivity > 1 x 107 Ω cm measured at 22 °C
Hall Mobility > 6 x 103 cm2V-1s-1 measured at 22 °C


Polycrystalline Gallium Arsenide slices
Diameter up to 100 mm
Minimum fragment area 20 cm 2 other upon request
Thickness 1700 ± 107 µm other upon request
Surface Treatment us cut/etched
Packaging sealed polyethylene bags in vacuum or inert gas